Budleigh Salterton War Memorial

About Budleigh Salterton War Memorial

Location: At the top of Marine Parade,
Parish: Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton’s official War Memorial stands at the junction of Coastguard Road and Marine Parade, fittingly taking in land, sea and air, as men from the town fought in the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines, as well as on land in a wide range of army units, and in the air with the Royal Flying Corps. Also honoured on the memorial are the women who died in the service of their country in the Voluntary Aid Detachment.

The memorial was unveiled on 11 November 1922, four years to the day after the Armistice. A parade to mark the occasion was led by John William Palmer, brother of Serjeant Tristram Coppleston Palmer who had been wounded in action in August 1918 and who had died of his wounds shortly after. Lieutenant John William Palmer had served overseas with the 9th Devonshire Regiment.

Like many memorials across the land, names of those killed in World War II were added at the end of that conflict. The names of 45 of the fallen from the Great War, the “War to End All Wars”, are carved on the shaft of the Budleigh Salterton memorial’s granite cross. Forty-eight names from the 1939-45 conflict are on the plinth.

Memorial Inscription

To the Glory of God, and in grateful and honoured memory of those from this parish who gave their lives in the service of their country during the Great War 1914-1918

The Honoured

Name Rank Parish  
ALISON George Newdegate Captain Budleigh Salterton ALISON George Newdegate
APLIN Elphinstone D'Oyley Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton APLIN Elphinstone D'Oyley
APLIN Eric Scott Captain Budleigh Salterton APLIN Eric Scott
BARTON Harriett Commandant Budleigh Salterton BARTON Harriett
BLENCOWE Ernest Cecil Captain Budleigh Salterton BLENCOWE Ernest Cecil
BRIGHT Percy Private 404 Budleigh Salterton BRIGHT Percy
BRUCE Francis Gore Private 3215592 Budleigh Salterton BRUCE Francis Gore
CARTER Alfred John SecondLieutenant Budleigh Salterton CARTER Alfred John
CLACK Gerald Elphinstone Private 203592 Budleigh Salterton CLACK Gerald Elphinstone
CLARKE Walter George Private 24827 Beer Budleigh Salterton CLARKE Walter George
COATES Bertram Ernest Private 20371 Budleigh Salterton COATES Bertram Ernest
COWD Frank Henry Private Budleigh Salterton COWD Frank Henry
DEMANT Sidney Alfred Rifleman B/2532 Budleigh Salterton DEMANT Sidney Alfred
DIXEY Joseph Edward Private 35464 Budleigh Salterton DIXEY Joseph Edward
EDYE Charles Vivian De Grete Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton East Budleigh EDYE Charles Vivian De Grete
FRAYNE William Stanley Corporal 240399 Budleigh Salterton FRAYNE William Stanley
FRENCH Walter Henry Private 18996 Budleigh Salterton FRENCH Walter Henry
GRIFFIN John Gordon Lance Corporal S4/125450 Budleigh Salterton GRIFFIN John Gordon
HALLETT Henry Robert Private 90961 Budleigh Salterton HALLETT Henry Robert
HARDING Herbert John Gunner 109618 Budleigh Salterton HARDING Herbert John
HARTREE Eric Mursell Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton HARTREE Eric Mursell
HERRIDGE Reginald Private 241343 Budleigh Salterton HERRIDGE Reginald
HOOPER George Arthur Private 55773 Budleigh Salterton HOOPER George Arthur
HUGHES Lionel Holford Second Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton HUGHES Lionel Holford
HUNT George Private 11151 Budleigh Salterton HUNT George
HUTCHINS Cedric Page Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton HUTCHINS Cedric Page
LOCK Frederick Private 30623 Budleigh Salterton LOCK Frederick
MALTBY Phyllis May Nurse 83/M/274 Budleigh Salterton MALTBY Phyllis May
MARCHANT Reginald Private 20076 Budleigh Salterton MARCHANT Reginald
MARSHALL John Northcote Private 37616 Budleigh Salterton MARSHALL John Northcote
MORRIS Henry Gage Second Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton MORRIS Henry Gage
MUTTERS William Henry Private PLY/16964 Budleigh Salterton MUTTERS William Henry
PALMER Tristram Coplestone Serjeant 2/1548 Budleigh Salterton East Budleigh PALMER Tristram Coplestone
PEARCEY Herbert Victor Private 11896 Budleigh Salterton PEARCEY Herbert Victor
PENGILLEY Norman John Private 29709 Budleigh Salterton PENGILLEY Norman John
Private 55381 W Dunn Private 55381 Budleigh Salterton Private 55381 W Dunn
SANDERS William Honyman Gillespie Private 202084 Budleigh Salterton SANDERS William Honyman Gillespie
SEMPLE Henry Spencer Major Budleigh Salterton SEMPLE Henry Spencer
SMALE Dan Staff Serjeant S/15818 Budleigh Salterton Newton Poppleford SMALE Dan
SOUTHCOTT George Private 26767 Budleigh Salterton Colaton Raleigh SOUTHCOTT George
SWIFT Wilfred Harold Lieutenant Budleigh Salterton SWIFT Wilfred Harold
TEED Thomas John Pearcey Gunner 82052 Budleigh Salterton TEED Thomas John Pearcey
TEED Walter Edward Private 16576 Budleigh Salterton TEED Walter Edward
TROAKE Neil Private Budleigh Salterton East Budleigh TROAKE Neil
VEAL Francis Thomas Ordinary Seaman J/29310 Budleigh Salterton VEAL Francis Thomas
WARREN Edward Harry Bombardier 117050 Budleigh Salterton WARREN Edward Harry
WEBBER Sidney Hugh Private 30549 Budleigh Salterton WEBBER Sidney Hugh
WEST William Henry Private 11876 Budleigh Salterton East Budleigh WEST William Henry
WORTH William Harry Thorn Company Sergeant Major 2817 Budleigh Salterton WORTH William Harry Thorn
YEATS Albert James Private 2093 Budleigh Salterton YEATS Albert James

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